Evening primrose oil – beautifying power of yellow flowers

Evening primrose oil – beautifying power of yellow flowers

Evening primrose oil – a yellow substance produced from an inconspicuous plant of even stronger yellow colour. Evening primrose small plants are well-known, mainly as garden plants, but also grow in meadows. Girls often like to pick them up and create beautiful coronets and bouquets.

Evening primrose oil

Oeonthera Biennis Seed Oil

Evening primrose is a very common plant. Dominated nature of the field, but it also has its second face - inconspicuous in the meadow becomes a powerful and desirable on the bathroom shelf. In the cosmetics world, evening primrose is a star. It becomes one of the strongest substances fighting for the youth of our skin, and - above all - hair. Even the most dehydrated and damaged hair must undergo restorative power of evening primrose oil. It comprise the power of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and elements responsible for the beauty and health of our hair.

Evening primrose oil - properties

Evening primrose oil use reveals in many cosmetics fields. It is commonly used as a face cream or an under eye cream. Buying pure evening primrose oil trapped in tiny capsules is very popular. Once opened, it can be used directly onto the face, mixed with cream, face lotion or hair conditioner. It is worth remembering that evening primrose oil has repairing and deeply regenerating properties. It is a remedy for very damaged, dehydrated and bleached hair with high porosity. This is confirmed by the fatty acids contained in evening primrose oil:

  • 1.8% stearic acid (saturated),
  • 2.0% alpha-linolenic acid, omega-3 (polyunsaturated).
  • 5.4% oleic acid, omega-9 (monounsaturated)
  • 6.2% palmitic acid (saturated),
  • 75% linoleic acid, omega-6 (polyunsaturated).

Furthermore, evening primrose oil contains vitamin E, phytosterols, sulfur, amino acids, tryptophan, and minerals, such as: zinc, selenium, magnesium and calcium.

  • Vitamin E is a very strong and well-known antioxidant that slows hair ageing process. Evening primrose oil contains very high amounts of vitamin E, therefore it is often used as an anti-ageing product.
  • Phytosterols – due to their ability to stimulate the synthesis of collagen – they are necessary in hair care. Thanks to the presence of phytosterols in Evening Primrose Oil, it reduces degradation of elastin, ensures vitality and health of hair that is firmly rooted in the bulbs.
  • Tryptophan is a very important ingredient used to prevent hair loss. Its deficiency in the body causes alopecia and increased hair loss.
  • Sulfur amino acids take part in the reconstruction of damaged hair fibres. This is because the basic building blocks of hair are proteins (including keratin, which is built of amino acids).
  • Zinc - prevents hair loss and stops baldness and even accelerates hair growth.
  • Selenium - is a powerful antioxidant with properties that slow the ageing process of hair.
  • Magnesium – takes direct part in the production of proteins (including keratin) and supports the action of sulphur amino acids, which evening primrose oil is rich in.
  • Calcium - its deficiency leads to increased hair loss and thinning hair.
Evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil for hair

Evening primrose oil is irreplaceable in regeneration and conditioning damaged and dehydrated hair. large molecules of polyunsaturated fatty acids (mainly linoleic acid) prevailing in the composition, make evening primrose oil especially suitable for hair with high porosity, which almost completely lost its shine and elasticity. In combination with other oils designed for regenerating, it is a powerful weapon in the fight for beautiful and healthy hair. Perfect balance of oils suitable for damaged hair is contained in Nanoil – oil for high porosity hair. After a regular use on hair and scalp, even the most damaged hair becomes full of vitality and moisturised from roots to tips. Strands gain not only beautiful appearance, but also in-depth regeneration. What is more, evening primrose oil, has not only the power to repair damaged structures of hair. Thanks to the large particles of omega-6 fatty acids, it provides a good protection for hair. Microscopic occlusive layer with is produced on the hair surface, will shield hair from heat (both those from nature and produced mechanically - by a blow-dryer or straighteners). Evening primrose oil can be found in pharmacies and drugstores. It is known for its medicinal and beautifying properties.

How to use evening primrose oil?

Your hair will fall in love with evening primrose oil especially after using it for oiling both strands and scalp. Such treatment performed regularly, even once a week, will bring great results. The application of oil resembles the application of hair masks - only changes include the consistency of the cosmetic (oil) and the time required to keep it on hair (it is best to leave it overnight, but the first oiling it could be done in an hour or two – make sure to see how the oil will work on a specific type of hair). It may turn out that one-hour treatment is enough to nourish your hair.

Evening primrose oil is the ideal protective hair conditioner and certainly many women willingly use it not only during the all-night (or optimally - hour) hair oiling treatment. Because of the fact that this oil provides strands with shine, it can be successfully used as a serum that can be applied several times a day to dry strands to make them glossy, soft and to tame unruly strands. Moreover, evening primrose oil can be used even several times a day. Because only natural oils have the ability of penetration inside hair and nourishing them both on the outside and from the inside, evening primrose oil works very well on wet hair as well. It is best to apply evening primrose oil after a bath, starting in the middle of the length, which is more or less the ear line. The product does not require rinsing. What is more, after this type of use, styling will be facilitated and the drying time shortened. In consequence, hair will be subjected to high temperatures for a shorter period of time. Evening primrose oil will not allow hair to lose moisture from inside, so it will take a great care of the water and lipid bilayer of hair and skin.

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